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Hi there! My name is Adeline Um and I am Korean American singer songwriter who started my music journey as a Berklee City Music scholar. I first started my songwriting career by writing my own indie-pop music and now I also write in the EDM/Deep House sphere as a topline singer songwriter. I have signed my music to independent labels such as Lowly Palace, NCS, Future House Cloud, LoudKult, Elysian Records, Adept Records, Tribal Trap, Afterpeak, OneSeventy, AESTHETE, and Magic Music and have received over 3 million plays on Spotify and Soundcloud. I have been recognized by The Rolling Stone India and BBC Introducing and was a finalist in the top 2% at the UKSC (UK Songwriting Competition). 

I have built a grassroots community, with a dedicated social media following, with over 67k monthly listeners on Spotify. This has led to signing with a manager (Adrian Riches of Creative Sounds UK), and interest from producers and PR companies (3tone publishing). I am keen for my music to support ongoing conversations about inclusivity and representation within the music industry. 

Here are some of my most notable performances. From my early days with Berklee City Music, I performed the National Anthem at Fenway Park and the TD Garden. I also performed at the Grammy museum in LA for artists such as Lalah Hathaway. This past October, I went on a Sofar Sounds Tour along the East Coast, my most notable performance at the House of Blues Chicago. 

I am influenced by experiences, travel, love, and connections with family and friends.  I aspire to perform music that speaks across the musical spectrum. As a Korean American now living in Scotland, I hope my music is able to express the complexity of culture and humanity, while connecting people of different backgrounds. 

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The previously released singles from her EP, still blooming, have received overwhelming support from Radio, including a recent exclusive preview of 'take the time to grow' on BBC Introducing in Scotland (see quote below). 'how you'll know' has remained on Spotify's New Pop Revolution-the freshest pop sounds for more than 7 weeks, and her single 'distancing' was featured on BBC Radio Scotland; BBC Radio Orkney Kirkwall; BBC Radio nan Gàidheal Glasgow; and Amazing Radio among others. ‘distancing’ appeared at #22 on Tidal's 'Rising: Pop, and Ballad Heart. 'simple to do' her last single featured on RTE Radio 1 on the Lillian Smith Show on Amazing Radio, and has had over 1 million plays on Tik Tok. Additionally, Adeline has reached 1.3 million likes on TikTok and is growing a steady following through her music on the TikTok platform.

Her latest single. 'A little overwhelmed' peaked at #4 on the iTunes easy listening chart. On Soundcloud, Adeline has reached 2,245 followers with over 2 million plays, and is approaching 4 million streams on Spotify, and an

average of 203.4K monthly listeners. In total on Spotify, she has reached over 2 million plays for all of her music.

She has been added to New Music Friday Apple Music in Turkey, Spotify Editorial playlists, Stepping Out (298,958 Followers) New Pop Revolution (191,060 followers) New Music Friday India (68,000 followers), and Summer House (255,000 followers). For Spotify algorithmic playlists, in total, 10 of her songs have been added to Spotify Radio, which has allocated 204,000 streams total; 10 of her songs have been on Discover weekly which has allocated 55,000 streams total, 10 of her songs have been on Release Radar, which has allocated 49,000 streams, and 10 songs have been on Your Daily Mix which has allocated 27,000 streams.

Additionally, as she has signed her music to many large independent records labels such as, NCS, Lowly Palace, Magic Music, Afterpeak, Future House Cloud, LoudKult, Adept Records, etc., she has been playlisted on many large playlists, accumulating to over 14,000 playlists. These are some of the largest playlists that her music has been on: Future House Cloud's "Car Music" (1,613,176 followers), TropicalFrnds "Chill Playlist" (85,000 followers), DEEP UNIVERSE "Best of Deep House" (478,000 followers), Modern Wave's "Rise Up" (256,000 followers).

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"A little hopeful, yet heartbreaking anthem

from Adeline Um, that was called 'Take The Time To Grow.' I feel like I'm watching a romantic movie and the lead characters are getting ready for their wedding day. It is giving me young Taylor Swift meets Christina Perri kind of vibe. And that track is definitely an exclusive preview as it isn't coming out until April. But Adeline did release a single 'A Little Overwhelmed' back in January this year so you can check that out if you need to need to hear more of her right now. But please do not miss the dance tracks that she has guest vocals on either. They continue to rack up literally millions of streams online."
Phoebe Inglis-Holmes, BBC Introducing in Scotland

"That was the gorgeous vocals from Scottish based Korean singer songwriter Adeline Um, from her single ‘distancing.’ It’s a gorgeous piano pop tune, that features those heart wrenching lyrics that explore the difficulty of leaving a manipulative friendship, and it’s powerful and full of emotion from the get go. I actually feel a little bit like I’ve been transported into a Disney movie, and my teen self is thanking Adeline um for that song, because you’ve hit some emotions girl for real,

you hit some emotions!"
Shereen Cutkelvin, 

BBC Radio Scotland

Indian producer SubSpace collabs with Korean-American singer Adeline Um for an intriguing, buoyant new song called “Someone, Someday.” Brimming with hope, the song offers a sort of East-West fusion, with Um’s breathy vocal melodies tailor-made for EDM, which SubSpace delivers in familiar yet charged-up conviction. The two beat drops in the three-minute song bend synth patterns in a manner that’s reminiscent of Indian melodies, making it readily memorable."

The RollingStone India

"Making some divine music, therefore, I'm certainly claiming her for Scotland"
Jim Gellatly, Amazing Radio

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Want to learn more about Adeline Um, her music, and her tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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